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Underground Lisbon Roman galleries

A amazing secret is keep hidden under Lisbon downtown, the “Underground Roman Galleries”.

The visits are performed in groups with the guidance of professionals from the Lisbon Museum and Archeology Center of Lisbon. No special shoes or clothes required.


  • Address: In front of nº77 of Rua da Conceição, corner with Rua da Prata (the entrance is done through the floor located in the road).
  • Schedule: Open to public for short periods without a fixed schedule, our advice is to contact the Tourism Services for more details on visit times (in 2015 the visits were schedule from the 1704 to 1904, 10:00 to 18:00).
  • Waiting times: Long queues and waiting times are expected.
  • Visit length: Around 20 minutes with long waiting times.
  • Price: Free entrance.

Official Video:

Complete visit:

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