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Typical cuisine

Portugal as indeed a very rich cuisine, ranging from soups to delicious deserts. Our love for “cod” is already a stereotype, but there is much, much more to try:


  • Caldo verde: Portuguese kale with potatoes and olive oil
  • Sopa de pedra: Onions, beans, potatoes and pork meat
  • Canja: Light chicken with pasta/rice broth


  • Pasteis de bacalhau: Code and potatoes fried cakes
  • Prego no pão: Very traditional beef sandwich


  • Jaquinzinhos: Fried mackerel with tomato rice
  • Arroz de marisco: Rice with varied seafood
  • Grilled sardines: Grilled sardines with side potatoes and paprika
  • Bacalhau com todos: Cod with backed potato, cabbage, beans and carrots topped with olive oil
  • Bacalhau com natas: Rich flavour cod fish, potatoes and cream
  • Cozido à Portuguesa: A rich plate with pork, beef, chicken, assorted sausages, rice and assorted vegetables
  • Carne de porco à Alentejana: Cubes of fried pork with clams and fries
  • Feijoada à Transmontana: A heavy dish combining beans, pork meats and sauces together with cabbage
  • Caldeirada: Meat or fish rich casserole
  • Arroz de polvo: Octopus rice


  • Arroz doce: Sweet rice custard
  • Toucinho do ceu: Backed egg custard pudding

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