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Tremocos: Relax in Lisbon and drink a cold Beer with lupins

In Rome be a Roman, they usually say, so while enjoying your sunny holidays in Lisboa you have to stop, let some time go by and relax while enjoying a cold beer, either Sagres or Super Bock, with some lupins, “Imperial com Tremoços”.

"Tremocos", Lupins are usually served like a appetizer to go along with Beer

"Tremocos", Lupins are usually served like a appetizer to go along with Beer

Lupin is very nutritious low calorie seed (64 kcal per 50g) , full with fiber and good oils, like the ones present in olive oil.

In Portugal, called in a funny way the “poor man Seafood”, they are served like peanuts. Salted and sometimes with garlic and herbs scent. they are the perfect appetizer and accompaniment for a cold beer.

And how to eat luppins or “tremoços”?. Remember that the lupines are served with peel, first bit gently the “tremoço” in its middle in order do cut the peel and while holding the lupin between you index and thumb squeeze it in order to “pop” the seed. “Practice makes perfection”!

Sadly they are not that common anymore, most times you have to even specifically ask for them, don’t forget that. One place where you will surely find them is in the Palace, Restaurant, Cafeteria and Culture Center “Casa do Alentejo“.

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