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Tips for Lisbon holidays during winter months

Any time of the year, discovering Lisbon is an adventure! Lisbon has centuries of History yet with many glimpses of today’s progress, always with the river Tagus down below. Lisbon is proud of its past it was the commencement of countless Portuguese discovery travels to brand new worlds.

For those who arrive, the city is but a first locality of a lovely region to discover. The weather always gentle invites people to enjoy an amazing winter in Lisbon, discovering many faces of the same city, living the past and the future, feeling the time embracing unforgettable moments spent at every corner of this capital.

In Lisbon there are tranquil streets as if you were in a small village, and yet you find crowded plazas vibrating of cosmopolitan verve, filling the capital’s life up with tradition and history! And there are so many novelties and happy smiles along with the ubiquitous cultural attractions!

As if a city of water, drenched by a unique light, and filled by rich and diversified gastronomy, [Lisbon shines bright!] At night time, fun is plentiful! You may easily find the right entertainment or your favorite tune at the numerous pubs and discos, which, spread around the city, help it shaping its character. Lisbon’s inhabitants are known for their welcoming spirit. They will cheer you with their cheerfulness and candor. Lisboetas are hospitable people, always pleased in showing you their city with you, a lovely and romantic city, perfect for enjoying the moments together.

Lisbon is a smiling host greeting its visitors and bestows you with a rare nostalgia when you leave.

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