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The Best Pasteis de Nata in Lisbon

The famous “Pastéis de Belem” are a registered trademark, they are unique and made in a single location in “Pasteis de belem” factory in Belém area.

Across Lisbon you can find different versions, called “Pasteis de Nata”, that said, it’s important to note that some don’t fall behind the real ones.

The “Pasteleria Aloma” might offer the best “Pasteis de Nata” in town. With more than 70 decades of history offering these delights handmade with the same traditional methods and the best ingredients, other than that is a secret well kept. Proof of their quality is the 1st Prize own in the “Melhor Pastel de Nata em Lisboa” (Best Pastel de Nata in Lisbon) contest.

Name: Pastelaria Aloma
Adress: Rua Francisco Metrass 67, 1350-139 Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: 00351 213963797
Schedule: Everyday from 08:00 to 19:00
Website: http://www.omelhorpasteldenatadelisboa.com

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