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Something about Fado

Fado embraces in itself all the soul and essence of the Portuguese people. Listening to the lyrics of the themes sea, sailors, fishermen, life, love, lanes and alleys of Lisbon and the greatest of all, a “Saudade” that word which i do not dare to translate, for it is impossible.

Emblematic song of Lisbon and its most typical neighborhoods like Alfama, Madragoa, Bairro Alto who were their most authentic cribs. For this reason, listening to Fado in Lisbon in will know the Portuguese, their history and their feelings.

There are three distinct types of Portuguese guitar: the Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra. The Lisbon is the smallest of the three, with rounded and lower case is the one with the sound “brighter. ” The body of Coimbra has a more acute. The Port is similar to Lisbon. A major difference between these guitars is the head of the guitar: a tear of Coimbra has an embedded, while Lisbon has a snail.

But what does Fado mean? it’s meaning? Fado can be translated to “destiny” or “faith”, one can say “it’s is my fado”. Even though is not simple to translate it, is a word only existing in Portuguese and not only a type of music.

Want to know more about Fado in Lisbon?

Listen to the genuine “Fado Vadio” in the “Tasca do Chico”.

Name: Tasca do Chico
Address : Rua do Diário de Notícias – Bairro Alto, 39
Schedule : Mondays and Wednesday night’s

Fado “Castiço” in the restaurant and Casa de fados “A Baiuca”.

Name: A Baiuca
Address: Rua São Miguel 20 Lisboa Alfama, LISBOA, Lisboa 1100-544
Phone: 218 867 284

Name: Fado Museum
Address: Largo do Chafariz de Dentro 1, 1100 Lisboa
Phone: 218 823 470 ‎
Web Site: http://www.museudofado.pt/

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