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Safety in Lisbon: Things to be careful and suspicious

Lisbon is a safe city, even so everyone can spot a tourist and make you a easy target. Watch out for some tricks and avoid spoiling your vacations.

  • Never, ever buy Gold, Cell phones or Watches from someone thats offering you a “great deal” in the middle of the street. Most probably you will end up with a piece of coal of something like that. Of course this not apply to official stores
  • Never buy drugs in the street, is easier than you think to be stooped and offered hashish or weed from a total stranger in the middle of downtown. These sellers are most found between Rossio and Praça do Comércio or Terreiro do Paçco. You will end with poor, or none, quality material and might be confused as a dealer by some undercover police.

Another very important part of you safety are the places where you go. So take note avoid this places too.

In case of any emergency call:

  • General Emergency number on the: 112 (free call)
  • Lisbon Police Department (Comando Metropolitano de Lisboa) on the: 21 765 42 42
  • Lisbon Police Department (Tourism Department) on the: 21 342 16 23


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