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Ruines of Carmo convent

Carmo’s Convent and Church are the maximum exponent of gothic architecture in the city of Lisbon. It’s construction started in 1389, along a ridge of sandy terrain, making its construction work time-consuming and expensive enterprise.

For many years the Church was the biggest of Lisbon, formed by a complex structure of five chapels, but almost fully collapsed with the 1755 earthquake and the fire that followed. After the fire, the root collapsed and only two main façades of the Church remained. A few repairs were made following the neo-gothic style making it a reference to the romantics by its Mystic and abandoned look.


  • Address: Largo do Carmo, 1200-092 Lisboa


  • April to September, Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to to 18:00
  • October to March, Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 17:00
  • Closed:
    • 1st January
    • 1st May
    • 25th December - We tell you how to get more from your holidays in Lisbon