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Pasteis de Bacalhau, a very traditional "petisco" in Lisbon

Did you noticed that when talking about Portugal “Bacalhau/cod” is a word that always comes into the subject?

There are indeed many recipes with Bacalhau, Portuguese people love it, boiled, roasted or fried Bacalhau is a company even at the Christmas table.

This post is about a delicatessen called “Pasteis de Bacalhau”. The Pasteis de Bacalhau are a deep fried paste of mashed potatoes, boiled Bacalhau and a little parsley.

They are very easy to find, served hot or at room temperature. A perfect snack, slightly salted, that will go perfectly along a nice beer. Besides you can even find them served as a main dish along plain or tomato rice.


To order one, simply say : “Um Pastél de Bacalhau, por favor” which translates to “One Pastel de Bacalhau, please”.

The secret is on the quality of the potato, it shouldn’t be very watery. Want to try and make them yourself?
Where is one recipe for the Pasteis de Bacalhau!

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