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Night live areas

Lisbon is alive both day and night, its neighborhood organization lends itself into creating different atmosphere from cosmopolitan, juvenile, clubbing etc. The most important areas for night life are:

24 Julho: This spot, in Santos area, is most famous for their clubs and bars. Through the years some clubs have changed their scene but a few remain quite iconic. The area itself lends a very particular atmosphere as it sits right next to Tejo river.

Bairro Alto: Right in the center of Lisbon youngsters find in Bairro Alto their favorite spot to hang-on. It’s an old neighborhood packed with affordable restaurants and bars suited for music taste. This area is reachable by public transportation, Baixa Chiado metro station, but preferably by taxi, don’t forget to ask for the ride price before entering.

(tip: pay attention to the metro/subway night schedules, most probably you must consider a taxi ride home) - We tell you how to get more from your holidays in Lisbon