Lisbon 1755 Earthquake and Tsunami

On November 1, 1755 the combination of earthquake, tsunami and firestorm devastated Lisbon on All Saint’s Day, turning buildings into deathtraps and transforming the streets of the capital into a hellish landscape. Experience the disaster through the eyes of one of its survivors see how this event brought an empire capital to its knees.

An 8.5 magnitude earthquake with epicenter only 150 miles from the cost undid the city buildings, prompting tens of thousands of people to flee to the riverside, where a tsunami with waves of up to 15 meters killed them. To top this “perfect storm”, the candles that had been lit in Lisbon churches to mark the day fell with the motion of the earth and caused a huge fire in the city’s buildings.

One of the largest earthquakes in history. The phenomenon that reduced the capital to dust, which spread death, which devastated the local economy and rewrote the history of the citadel.

Presented in November 2014 by the American channel Smithsonian Channel, this simulation is part of a series of episodes entitled “Perfect Storm: The Wrath of God” and explains the devastation of the day November 1, 1755 and shows virtual images of what would be the Portuguese capital in the eighteenth century.
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