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Lisbon subway: tickets, fares, maps, schedule and stations

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to move across Lisbon is by subway, called ‘Metro’. Following are a set of relavant bits that we believe will make your live easier.

Some notes:

  • In order to travel by subway you need to first get a “7 Colinas / Viva Viagem” ticket in one of the many available ticket vending machines. These machines usually accept both coins and tickets, are tactile and multilingual.
  • The referred card is individual, rechargeable, returnable and will be used to hold your bought tickets and open the security gates.
  • The individual subway rides can be recharged or acquired when you buy the “7 Colinas / Viva Viagem” card.

Prices and other info:

  • “7 Colinas / Viva Viagem” : 0,50€
  • One way trip : 1.25€ – With at most 3 hours after the validation
  • 24 hours ticket : €5 – Unlimited trips for the subway “Metro” and bus “Carris” network, for 24 hours after the validation.

Metro, schedule: * Opens/Starts at : 06:30. The first train leaves at 06:30 from the terminal stations of each line. * Closes/Stops at: 01:00. The last train leaves at 01:00 from the terminal stations of each line.

Single ticket 1 zone: €0,90

Valid for 1 journey Crown L, Crown 1 or “Coroa 1” Single ticket 2 zones: €1,15

Valid for 1 journey, after validation, em toda a rede do Metro

1 day ticket Carris/Metro (24 h): €3,95 Valid for an unlimited number of journeys in all Carris nd Metro networks, for 24 hours after validation. Viva Viagem/7 Colinas card: €0,50

Click next to open the official Lisbon Subway Travel Planner with information about travel times, line status and fares.

Click next to download the subway “Metro” diagram and map.

Click next to download the subway “Metro” diagram and map over the Lisbon map, a perfect Lisbon Guide.

Or download the “Metro” official iPhone, iPad, iPod application.

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