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Lisbon Coffee Houses "A Brasileira"

Any tourist who walks through the Chiado or Largo de Camões will almost inevitable find the Brazilian Coffee.
A Brasiliera was a famous place for intellectuals and liberals, inside you can admire the amazing interiors, decorations and architecture besides painting from Vieira da Silva and Almada Negreiros.

Today, a bronze sculpture of Fernando Pessoa, the author of “A Mensagem”, “The Message”, immortalise him in a table that provides an empty chair for a more personal “conversation” with the Master. The tables around the author have a more selective prices, but that should not dissuade you from the opportunity.

One of the best Coffee Houses in Lisbon, a “Must” while in Lisbon due to its architecture and beautiful decorated interiors, and yes, for its rich coffee!

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Name: A Brasileira
Address: Rua Garrett 120, 1200 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 213 469 541

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