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Historial Cafés

In Lisbon, you have to have an expresso (bica). It is part of the Portuguese tradition. That said, we can recommend you a set of the most historical cafés, some are really part of Lisbon history as they were like a second-house and gathering place for some of the most iconic characters like Fernando Pessoa, a writer and poet.

A Brasileira

Address: Rua Garrett, 120-122

(Chiado subway station)

Café Nicola

Address: Praça D. Pedro IV, 24-25, Rossio area

(Rossio subway station)

Confeitaria Nacional

Address: Praça da Figueira, 18B


Address: Rua Garrett, 104

(Chiado subway station)

Martinho da Arcada

Address: Praça do Comércio, 3

(Chiado subway station)


Address: Avenida da República, 15A

Pastelaria Suiça

Address: Praça D. Pedro IV, 94-104, Rossio

(Rossio subway station)

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