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Traditional liquour "Ginjinha"

“Ginja”, or “Ginjinha” is a traditional Portuguese Liquor made from the ginja fruit, a cousin from cherrys.

This liquor is a sweet with a twist of cinnamon. Due to the amount of sugar your fingers will get very, very sticky (though we are sure that wont be a problem). Served in small glasses you have the option to taste it with or without the Ginja in your cup. Be beware that it can come with the seed.

The places most traditional places, mentioned bellow in this post, are a meeting point making these a great place to let some time go by and appreciate Lisbon own rhythm and the “Alfacinhas”, how Lisbon people are called.

There’s no special time or occasion for a Ginjinha, you will find everyone just hanging outside, students from universities partying, older people discussing politics/soccer and other tourist.

Where to drink find Ginjinha?

Name: “A Ginjinha”

Address: Largo São Domingos 8, 1100-201 Lisboa (“A Ginjinha location on map)
Horario: 09:00 – 22:00

Name: “Ginjinha sem rival”

Address: R. Portas de Santo Antão 7, 1150-268 Lisboa (“Ginjinha sem Rival” on map)

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