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Castelo de Sao Jorge and Torre de Ulisses

Castelo de Sao Jorge:

The Castelo de S. Jorge National Monument occupies a privileged area of the old medieval citadel and consists of the castle, ruins of the former royal palace and part of the neighborhood for the élite.

The fortification, built by the Moors in the mid-11th century, was the last defensive stronghold for the élite who resided on the citadel, the Moorish governor whose palace was nearby, and the élite city administrators whose homes are visible today in the Archaeological Site.

After Dom Afonso Henriques conquered Lisbon on October 25th, 1147 to become the first king of Portugal the Castelo de S. Jorge began its golden age as the home for the royalty. The old Moorish period buildings were modified and enlarged to receive the king, his court, the bishop and the Royal Archives in one of the castle towers. Once the Portuguese kings had transformed the Castelo de S. Jorge into a royal palace in the 13th century, it was chosen to receive many notable Portuguese and foreign figures, as well as hold festivities as well as coronations during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.
It was after the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 that the most substantial renovation work took place on the old medieval alcove, with many new buildings gradually obstructing older ruins. In the 19th century, military installations covered the entire monument area.

10 Important Monuments to visit in the Castle:

  • 7, 8th century B.C: Before the Castle
  • 11th century: Founding of the Castle
  • 12th century: The Christian Reconquest
  • 13th century: Royal Residence
  • 14th century: Royal Residence
  • 15, 16th century: Royal Residence
  • 17, 18th century: From Royal residence to Military barracks
  • 18th century: Earthquake of 1755
  • 19th century: The Castle and Military garrison
  • 20th century: The Castle – A national Monument


  • 9 am to 9 pm (March to October)
  • 9 am to 6 pm (November to February)
  • 30 minutes before closing time


  • 7 euros


  • Rua de Sta Cruz, 1100-129 Lisboa
  • +351 218 800 620


  • Bus 37
  • Tram 12, 28


  • Portas do Sol Praca da PogueIra

Periscope – Ulisses Tower:

Because it contained the royal treasure (income from taxes and royal rents) it was also called the Tower of Riches. Up until the earthquake of 1755, the Royal Archives, holding the Kingdom’s most important documents were held in this tower. In the 18th century, it adopted its current name, the Torre de Ulisses.


  • 10 am- 5 pm
  • 30 minutes before closing time
  • Subjected to weather conditions



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