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Elevador Santa Justa: an amazing view over Lisbon Downtown

The belvedere “Elevador de Santa Justa”  offers an amazing experience by giving one of the best high ground views over Lisbon down-town and panoramic view over the Tagus river.

Built in the XIX century by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard a Gustave Eiffel – the Architect of the Eiffel Tower – apprentice, this Noe-Gothic marvel was a Landmark in that time, either for its 30 meters high, design or by being one of the first elevators being moved by electricity, though first moved by steam engines.

The interiors are in great condition displaying beautiful wooden decorations. The trip takes about 20 seconds so be sure to have your camera in hand to photograph the elevatoror’s interior.

Once in the top you have a privilege view over Lisbon down-town, Lisbon hills (including the Castelo de São Jorge), the Tagus River and a view of what was left of the Carmo’s Convent after the massive Lisbon 1755 earthquake and subsequent fire. - We tell you how to get more from your holidays in Lisbon