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Casa de Fados, Restaurant "A Baiuca" in Alfama

“A Baiuca” in Alfama is one of those unique places that strives to keep up the true spirit of “Fado Vadio”. Working both as a restaurant and casa de fados, the staff offer, alongside the catering, unique amateur Fado performances. In “A Baiuca” you can taste and enjoy some typical cuisine, the prices are not expensive and the atmosphere is amazing, sharing the space with both locals and tourists. Our advice is to arrive early for dinner, else, is perfectly fine to stay outside during summer.

(note: this amateur side of Fado is what know as “Fado Vadio” or “Fado Castiço”)

(tip: Alfama is an Lisbon’s neighborhood and a place you will not want to miss, it deserves a visit either day or night, specially to the belvedere “Portas do Sol”)

Name: A Baiuca
Address: Rua São Miguel 20 Lisboa Alfama, LISBOA, Lisboa 1100-544, (map)
Phone: 218867284
Entrance fee: Free entrance

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