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Bairro Alto

The Bairro Alto is part of the mandatory spots to visit while in Lisbon. Going through its narrow streets is to feel the live and history of this city and their inhabitants. Fado, tradition, modernity, nigth-live are words well suited to describe one of the most picturesque Lisbon neighbourhoods.

By day, the typical cafes, old and local traditional groceries stores, trending clothes boutiques, record stores, book shops and tattoo parlours brighten up this old but charming quarter.

After 22:00 Bairro Alto changes and dresses itself for a long night out. One of the top spots for starting a perfect night out it offers many food and bistro venues as well as many traditional restaurants offering a traditional “Fado night. Later, as night evolves their trendy bars offer a huge selection of music styles and drinks; don’t miss the “Caiporoskas”, caipirinha with vodka, “Morangoska”, strawberry capirinha and last, but not least, the “Caipirao”, a caipirinha made with “Licor Beirao”, a traditional sweet herbal-mix liquor.

For all this and much more “Bairro Alto” is a perfect spot to visit during both day and night, a perfect spot displaying Fado, tradition, food and trendynes.

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