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Aguas Livres Aqueduct

Considered one of the most remarkable works of the hydraulic engineering ever made and one of the rare and more complex water supply systems of the eighteenth century preserved until the present time.

Started in 1732 works Were Concluded only about a hundred years later around 1834. The Aguas Livres Aqueduct was destined to the water supply of the new fountains Whose net grew wider, since it Were adduced water springs, located near to Sintra, to the reservoir of the Mae d’agua visitable near Amoreiras.

From the source to the Mãe d’Água in Amoreiras, and counting many other secondary paths, the aqueduct stretches for about 59 km. Operating since 1748, it has been disabled in the 3rd quarter of the century. XX, and it was reopened to the public in 1986.

From the aqueduct you will have a high ground view over Lisbon and cross the biggest stone arches in Europe.

Opening hours:

  • Tuesdays to Saturday: 10h00 to 17h30
  • Closed on Mondays, Sundays and public Holidays
  • Closed from 3011 to 01/03

How to arrive:

  • Bus 2,12,13,18,42,51,58


  • Calçada da Quintinha, no 6 1070 – 225 Lisboa


  • Phone: 21 325 16 52 - We tell you how to get more from your holidays in Lisbon