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  • Bike Rental in Lisbon

    Want to enjoy Lisbon though a different angle while cycling around for a day or just a few hours?

    Cycling around Lisbon is one of the best enjoyable ways to discover the city at your own pace. Today, Lisbon offers a network of urban bicycle lanes that allow visitors to appreciate Lisbon on two wheels.

    • First route, will take you by the Tagus riverside connecting “Belém” to “CaisdoSodré”. Along this route you will discover the “PadrãodosDescobrimentos”, “Jerónimos Monastery” and “Belém Tower”.
      • Difficulty: low
    • Second option, will take you to the Campo Grande gardens, alongtheEntrecampos bike path. We recommend a stop to visit the “MuseudaCidade” and “BordalloPinheiro” Museums.
      • Difficulty: low
    • Third option is touring from the “CaisdoSodré” train station to the seaside town of Cascais, just a few kilometers outside Lisboa, this one is granted to give very nice views.
      • Difficulty: low
    • Fourth option is a relaxing route through Lisbon “Parque das Nacoes”, where the Portuguese Expo was held in 1998. “Parque das Nacoes” visitors can enjoy the cable car ride offering amazing views over the park and Tagus river, contemporary architecture at the “Pavilhão Atlântico” and “Portuguese Pavilhão” and finally, but not least, a visit to the Oceanarium, a must for adults and children.
      • Difficulty: low

    Check the following companies offering Bicycle renting services:

    The connections between bike paths can be made by public transportation, which allow the free transport of bicycles.

    • Lisboa Subway, “Metro”, users can transport their bikes all day on weekends and on weekdays after 8pm.
    • Carris offers the Bike Bus service, which covers the following bus routes: 21 – Saldanha – Moscavide Centre, 25 – Oriente Station – Prior Velho, 31 – José Malhoa – Moscavide Centre, 708 – Martim Moniz – Parque das Nações; 723 – Desterro – Algés, 724 – Alcântara – Pontinha.
  • Eletrico, Tram 28 - Graca, Prazeres

    Tram 28, Probably the best way to explore Lisbon

    The Tram, or “Electrico” line 28 is a Icon of Lisbon and one of the ultimate experiences in Lisbon. For this very small price you will have access to a wonderful experience of riding a Eletrico (Tram) while it crosses most of Lisbon and its more genuine areas.

    Take into account that it might take some time until you have a opportunity to get in due to the amount of people. Also, try to start your journey in the first stop as the tram gets very crowded with tourist and non-tourist people.

    Take caution with your belongings, this Tram is a very know tourist attraction and a preferred spot for pick pockets


    40 Minutes


    Check out the following Youtube videos detailing a trip with the Tram 28:


  • Lisbon Airport to City Center (Subway Network Map)

    Airport To City Center via Subway

    The Subway is by far the cheapest and comfortable way to reach you destination from Lisbon Airport, if you prefer a taxi don’t forget the check out the taxi travel costs calculator first.

    The new map of the Metro/Subway network:

    Lisbon Airport to City Center (Subway Network Map)

    Lisbon Airport to City Center (Subway Network Map)

    Or click here to download the PDF

    Click next to check the Subway/Metro Fares, schedules and other useful information. Or the special Subway/Metro trip planner to help you find your way.

    Click next to check other ways to go to the Lisbon City Center.

    Welcome to Lisbon!

  • Lisboa Subway “Metro” Trip Planner

    The “Metro”, Lisbon subway, official site offers a set of tools to help you plan your holidays in Lisbon.

    Click next to open a English version of a Lisbon subway travel Planner where you can check the line status, fare information and travel times.

    Click next to know more information about Lisbon Subway system and stations. Or check out our other post with useful information like schedules and fares.

  • Taxi – Reservations and fare Online Calculator

    Know exacly waht yout next taxi ride will cost with this Online Taxi fare calculator.

  • Low Cost Companies Flying to Lisbon

    List of Low-cost companies flying to Lisbon. Now you don’t have a excuse to miss a cheap flight and enjoy the Sun, Fado and the “Pasteis de Belem“.

    Did you Know that Lisbon is one of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world?

    • Aer Lingus
    • Air Berlin
    • Air Transat
    • Brussels Airlines
    • Condor
    • EasyJet (hub)
    • GermanWings
    • Transavia
    • Vueling
  • Airport to Lisbon city center. AeroBus, Bus, Subway and Taxi

    Aerobus and AeroShuttle route, all the stops, except “Fontes Pereira de Melo” and “Universidade Católica” are next to Subway stations.

    Lisbon AeroShuttle, AeroBus route. Airport to city center

    Lisbon AeroShuttle, AeroBus route. Airport to city center


    AeroBus Route 1 – City Center:

    • Airport, Entre campos, Campo Pequeno, Av. da Républica, Saldanha, Picoas, Fontes Pereira de Melo, Marquês de Pombal, Av. da Liberdade, Restauradores, Rossio, Praça do Comércio, Cais do Sodré, Airport

    AeroBus Route 2 – Gare do Oriente:

    • Airport, Gare do Oriente, Airport

    AeroBus Route 3 – Financial Center:

    • Airport, Entrecampos, Sete Rios, Praça de Espanha, Avenida José Malhoa (Norte), Avenida José Malhoa (Sul), Airport


    AeroBus Schedule::

    • Leaves every 20 minutes from 07:00 to 21:00, and every 30 minutes after 21:00.

    AeroBus Prices::

    • 24h ticket: Adult: 3.50 €, Children (4 to 10 years): 2.00 €
      Two-way ticket: Adult: 5.50 €

    Important REMARKS for the Special Airport, AEROBUS/AEROSHUTTLE Bus Services Bus:

    • Save the ticket and get 25% discount in other Carris sightseeing tours.
    • It is also possible tho buy these tickets at the Tourism Office in the public area of the Arrivals section of  Lisbon Airport
    • Use this services for luggage larger then 50x40x20cm

    Other “Carris” regular bus lines from the airport:

    • N.º 22 Portela – Aeroporto-Marquês do Pombal (everyday)
    • N.º 44 Moscavide/Qta. das Laranjeiras – Aeroporto-Cais do Sodré (everyday)
    • N.º 83 Portela-Aeroporto – Amoreiras (only workdays)
    • N.º 208 Est. Oriente – Aeroporto – Cais do Sodré (night only)
    • N.º 705 Est. do Oriente – Aeroporto – Est. Roma/Areeiro (only workdays)
    • n.º 745 Prior Velho – Aeroporto – Est.Sta.Apolónia (everyday)

    Important REMARKS for the Bus lines operating in the Lisbon Airport:

    • One way, single fare tickets can be purchased on board for the price of 1,50€
    • Use this services for luggage lower then 50x40x20cm


    Another option to take you to city center from the Airport is by Taxi. There are two taxi stands within the perimeter of the airport, one at arrivals and the other at departures.

    Take to following rules into account in order to avoid being over charged in your taxi ride.

    • The fare on the taxi meter should read 2,50€ (daytime pick-up).
    • Outside the city limits, city fares are charged per kilometer (km=0,42).
    • It will cost you 1,60€ for the transportation of luggage (in the car trunk) or animals.
    • Before taking a taxi, ask about the fare to other taxi drivers in the area.
    • An additional 20% is charged for services on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and for nighttime service from 9pm to 6am.

    General “Portela” Lisbon Airport information:

    • Name: Portela
    • Code: LIS
    • Relative situation: 10 minutes from city center
    • Public transportation available: Bus, shuttles from “Carris” and taxis
  • Lisbon “Metro” subway, tickets, fares, maps, schedule and stations

    One of the fastest and cheapest ways to move across Lisbon is by subway, called “Metro”in Lisbon.

    Ticket machine from Lisbon subway, "Metro"

    Ticket machine from Lisbon subway, “Metro”

    Some notes:

    • In order to travel by subway you need to first get a “7 Colinas / Viva Viagem” ticket in one of the many available ticket vending machines. These machines usually accept both coins and tickets, are tactile and multilingual.
    • The referred card is individual, rechargeable, returnable and will be used to hold your bought tickets and open the security gates.
    • The individual subway rides can be recharged or acquired when you buy the “7 Colinas / Viva Viagem” card.
    Map of subway network

    Map of “Metro” subway network

    Prices and other info:

    • “7 Colinas / Viva Viagem” : 0,50€
    • One way trip : 1.25€ – With at most  3 hours after the validation
    • 24 hours ticket : €5 – Unlimited trips for the subway “Metro” and bus “Carris”network, for 24 hours after the validation.
    "Metro" subway stations network over the Lisbon city map

    “Metro” subway stations network over the Lisbon city map

    “Metro”, schedule:

    • Opens/Starts at : 06:30. The first train leaves at 06:30 from the terminal stations of each line.
    • Closes/Stops at: 01:00. The last train leaves at 01:00 from the terminal stations of each line.
    Single ticket 1 zone €0,90
    Valid for 1 journey – Crown L, Crown 1 or “Coroa 1”
    Single ticket 2 zones €1,15
    Valid for 1 journey, after validation, em toda a rede do Metro
    1 day ticket Carris/Metro (24 h) €3,95
    Valid for an unlimited number of journeys in all Carris and Metro networks, for 24 hours after validation.
    Viva Viagem/7 Colinas card €0,50

    Click next to open the official Lisbon Subway Travel Planner with information about travel times, line status and fares.

    Click next to download the subway “Metro” diagram and map.

    Click next to download the subway “Metro” diagram and map over the Lisbon map, a perfect Lisbon Guide.

    Or download the “Metro” official iPhone, iPad, iPod application.