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  • Restaurant Cervejaria “A Palmeira”

    “A Palmeira” may not be a fanciest restaurant but there is indeed something very special about it.

    Just outside the Subway station “Baixa Chiado”, you can enjoy a refreshing beer in a typical environment and enjoy the natural flow of working people and students by the of the day. Try a pint of stout beer “caneca de cerveja preta” while having some free lupins or “tremoços” and potatoes chips.

    Name: Restaurante Cervejaria “A Palmeira”
    Address: R. do Crucifixo 69, 1100 Lisboa
    Telephone: 213 428 372

  • Arroz Doce, Sweet Rice Dessert

    Arroz Doce, a Portuguese dessert

    Another very famous Portuguese dessert is the “Arroz Doce”.

    The main ingredients are:

    • Milk
    • White Rice
    • Sugar
    • Egg yolk
    • Cinnamon
    • Orange/Lemon peel
    • Condensed milk

    Click to find the “Arroz Doce” recipe and nutritional facts

  • The Best Pasteis de Nata in Lisbon

    The famous “Pastéis de Belem” are a registered trademark, they are unique and made in a single location in “Pasteis de belem” factory in Belém area.

    Across Lisbon you can find different versions, called “Pasteis de Nata”, that said, it’s important to note that some don’t fall behind the real ones.

    The “Pasteleria Aloma” might offer the best “Pasteis de Nata” in town. With more than 70 decades of history offering these delights handmade with the same traditional methods and the best ingredients, other than that is a secret well kept. Proof of their quality is the 1st Prize own in the “Melhor Pastel de Nata em Lisboa” (Best Pastel de Nata in Lisbon) contest.

    Name: Pastelaria Aloma
    Adress: Rua Francisco Metrass 67, 1350-139 Lisbon, Portugal
    Telephone: 00351 213963797
    Schedule: Everyday from 08:00 to 19:00

    Other options:


  • Alheira de Mirandela

    “Super Mario”, Economic Restaurante in Lisbon

    Another option for a economical meal in Lisbon Dowtown is the “Super Mario”. The food is good and besides the normal French fries with steak you can find some Portuguese typical plates, don’t be afraid to ask and try them.

  • Caldo Verde 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    7 Top Plates, Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy

    Though Portugal is known for having 1001 ways of preparing code fish in reality the Portuguese cosine cannot be reduced only that wonderful fish.

    Following a National contest, were people from all over submitted their choices we were left with the list of the 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels, our 7 Top plates. True that some are more typical from regions outside Lisbon, still go for it and try to taste each one of these 7 Best Portuguese wonders:

    Arroz de marisco
    Sardinha Assada 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels
    Sardinha Assada 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Sardinha assada – Sardines, salt and barbecue… and that is it. In Portugal, sardines are eaten with both boiled potatoes or in a slice of bread with a twist of good olive oil.They go perfectly well with roasted paprika salad.

    Leitão da Bairrada
    Pastéis de Belém, one of the 7 Portugal Gastronomic Marvels
    Pastéis de Belém, one of the 7 Portugal Gastronomic Marvels

    Pasteis de Belém – This egg custards are a Portuguese Marvel which a history behind them.
    Check out more information on the Pastel de Belém, their history and where to find them.

    Alheira Mirandela, one of the 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Alheira Mirandela, one of the 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Alheira de Mirandela – A smoked sausage mostly made from mashed bread, meats and fats. Traditionally, they are made after families gather to slaughter the family pig that they kept feeding for several months. Some of the meats and fats are then used to stuff the pigs tripe and they hanged to dry/smoke.

    Initially created as a way for the Jews to escape from the 13th century Inquisition. All over Portugal it was common for families to consume/smoke all kinds of sausages made from pig’s meat. Because Jews couldn’t eat pig they were easily identified. They created the “Alheiras de Mirandela” sausage and stuffed them with kinds of meat like poultry or lamb, finally these sausages were hanged and smoked as any other kind.

    The “Alheiras” are mostly made from pig, but you can find them made from game meat, poultry and even code.

    Serra da Estrela 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Serra da Estrela 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Serra da Estrela Cheese – Serra da Estrela has been made for centuries by shepherds in the Portugal highest mountains, Serra da Estrela, in the Beiras region. This cheese is produced from goat cheese and entirely hand-made.

    It’s usually served by opening a hole at the top and spread its interior on bread just like you would normally do with butter.

    Caldo Verde 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Caldo Verde 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Caldo verde Soup – Probably the most famous Soup in Portugal. A thick soup made from mashed potatoes and very thin sliced cabbage usually served with a piece chorizo and a pinch of olive oil.One of the main ingredients in the cabbage, a special kind of cabbage called “Couve Galega”:

    Couve Galega - Main ingredient of Caldo Verde, one of the 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    Couve Galega – Main ingredient of Caldo Verde, one of the 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels

    The tradition dictates that this is the best companion of a Fado’s night.

    source: 7 Portuguese Gastronomical Marvels – PUBLICO.PT.

  • Pasteis de Bacalhau, a traditional Portuguese Food in Lisbon

    Pasteis de Bacalhau, a very traditional “petisco” in Lisbon

    Did you noticed that when talking about Portugal “Bacalhau” is a word that always comes into the subject? There are many recipes with Bacalhau, Portuguese people love it, boiled, roasted or fried Bacalhau is a company even at the Christmas table.

    This post is about a delicatessen called “Pasteis de Bacalhau”. The Pasteis de Bacalhau are a deep fried paste of mashed potatoes, boiled Bacalhau and a little parsley.

    They are very easy to find, served hot or at room temperature. A perfect snack, slightly salted, that will go perfectly along a nice beer. Besides you can even find them served as a main dish along plain or tomato rice.


    To order one, simply say : “Um Pastél de Bacalhau, por favor” which translates to “One Pastel de Bacalhau, please”.

    The secret is on the quality of the potato, it shouldn’t be very watery. Want to try and make them yourself?
    Where is one recipe for the Pasteis de Bacalhau!

  • Ice Cream – Cooling down in a Lisbon sunny day

    Want to cool down in a nice hot afternoon in your Lisbon Holidays? Add this to your guide, Ice Cream factory “Surf”. The Surf Ice cream Factory is open since 1978, offering more than 40 different flavors, above that you can enjoy your ice cream in a nice terrace. While in there you will not want to miss a visit to the beautiful church on “Plaza de Londres”.

    Name : Geladaria Surf
    Address : Av. Manuel da Maia, 56-C, 1000-203 LISBOA

    Surf Ice Cream Factory – See it in a larger map

  • "Tremocos", Lupins with Beer

    Tremocos – Relax in Lisbon and drink a cold Beer with lupins

    In Rome be a Roman, they usually say, so while enjoying your sunny holidays in Lisboa you have to stop, let some time go by and relax while enjoying a cold beer, either Sagres or Super Bock, with some lupins, “Imperial com Tremoços”.

    "Tremocos", Lupins are usually served like a appetizer to go along with Beer

    "Tremocos", Lupins are usually served like a appetizer to go along with Beer

    Lupin is very nutritious low calorie seed (64 kcal per 50g) , full with fiber and good oils, like the ones present in olive oil.

    In Portugal, called in a funny way the “poor man Seafood”, they are served like peanuts. Salted and sometimes with garlic and herbs scent. they are the perfect appetizer and accompaniment for a cold beer.

    And how to eat luppins or “tremoços”?. Remember that the lupines are served with peel, first bit gently the “tremoço” in its middle in order do cut the peel and while holding the lupin between you index and thumb squeeze it in order to “pop” the seed. “Practice makes perfection”!

    Sadly they are not that common anymore, most times you have to even specifically ask for them, don’t forget that. One place where you will surely find them is in the Palace, Restaurant, Cafeteria and Culture Center “Casa do Alentejo“.

  • Alheira de Mirandela

    Where to eat cheap in Lisbon, Restaurant “Oh Caldas”

    Another low cost option eat in Lisbon is the restaurant “Oh Caldas”. Its has a menu for 12€ with all you can drink and eat, yes, the drinks are included. Even though is cheap to eat it does not mean poor quality.

    “Feijoada de Marisco” and “Bacalhau com natas”” are ones of the main courses available, you may try all of them, as for the drinks they go from water, refrigerants, beer to a good “sangria”, which is one of the top things to drink in your travel to Lisboa.

    This is one of the best locations for students, birthdays and companies group dinners and so you may expect it to be, sometimes, crowded and noisy, especially on Fridays and Saturdays night’s.

    They are in two distinct locations so, just find the one closest to you. Try to call in advance and check for reservations!

    So, to eat cheap in Lisbon, don’t forget:

    Name: Oh Caldas (1)
    Address: Rua de S.Mamede, Nº22C
    Telephone : 218 87 5711
    Schedule: 12.00/15.30 and 19.00/02.00 (Closed on Sundays)

    Name: Oh Caldas (2)
    Addredss: Fábrica – Santos – Calçada do Marquês de Abrantes, Nº22
    Telephone: 213 965 200
    Schedule: 12.00/15.30 and 19.00/02.00 (Closed on Sundays)

  • Photo of the inner cloister of the Palace Casa do Alentejo

    The Palace, Restaurant and Culture Center “Casa do Alentejo”

    Inner cloister of the Palace Casa do Alentejo

    Inner cloister of the Palace Casa do Alentejo

    Hidden behind normal doors lies the restaurant and culture center “Casa do Alentejo”, built around late XVII century as a Palace, with time changed its purpose for a school, a casino and finally bought as a place of gathering from people from Alentejo, who in those days came for Lisbon in search of work and better conditions.

    Dinner and Ballroom in the Restaurant "Casa do Alentejo"

    Dinner and Ballroom in the Restaurant "Casa do Alentejo"

    Today is more than just a beautiful and relaxing place, take your time and taste some of the much recommended regional “petiscos”, that what its called to the small portions you can eat in between meals, or desserts in the cafeteria. Besides this is a great restaurant for a lunch or dinner in Lisbon.

    Stage in the Dinning Room of the Casa do Alentejo

    Stage in the Dinning Room of the Casa do Alentejo

    While in there take notice that it is a place of theirs, you will find people playing cards, reading newspapers or just taking a nap so, pay attention and don’t disturb them.

    Art and sculptures exposed in the Culture center "Casa do Alentejo"center

    Art and sculptures exposed in the Culture center "Casa do Alentejo"center

    Specially on the weekends afternoons you will find some culture activities like “Canto Alentejano”, a Alentejo’s regional chantings.

    A last hint, Casa do Alentejo is one of the places where you can find and enjoy Lupins.

    See the Casa do Alentejo Menu and prices.

    Name: “Casa do Alentejo”
    Address: Rua das portas de Santo Antão 58, 1150-268 Lisboa
    Telephone: 00351 213 405 140

    Map of the Palace, restaurant and Culture Center “Casa do Alentejo”

    Follow to the official “Casa do Alentejo” web site for many more amazing pictures and further information.

  • Alheira de Mirandela

    Low cost Lisbon restaurant. Eat cheap, Floresta da Estefania

    Depending on your budget one of the cheapest places where you can eat is McDonalds, depending on your palate that may not be a option or not even a option for more than 2 days.

    I leave you one very good place where you can eat, lunch and dinner, very cheap, it’s called “Floresta da Estefania”. The next example is a real case from the day 23/12/2010 :

    Price and menu for 2 People:

    • 1 x Small bread (0.30€)
    • 2 x Small sticks of butter (0.90€)
    • 2 x Plates with French fries, rice, salad and :
      • 1 x “Alheira”, a Portuguese kind of smoke sausage make primary of bread and meat, pork or chicken (4.10€)
      • 1 x “Iscas”, pork liver (3.80€)
    • 1 x Bottle of red wine “St. Isidoro” (2.80€)

    TOTAL : 11.60€

    Ok, it’s not he fanciest place but it’s is surely cheap. If you want to have a good meal, with some real Portuguese treats, don’t forget, go to:

    Name : Floresta da Estefania
    Address Rua Cidade da Horta 37-39, 1000 Lisboa
    Schedule: (Closes on Sundays)