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  • Best Lisbon Coffee Houses – A Brasileira

    Any tourist who walks through the Chiado or Largo de Camões will almost inevitable find the Brazilian Coffee.
    A Brasiliera was a famous place for intellectuals and liberals, inside you can admire the amazing interiors, decorations and architecture besides painting from Vieira da Silva and Almada Negreiros.

    Today, a bronze sculpture of Fernando Pessoa, the author of “A Mensagem”, “The Message”, immortalise him in a table that provides an empty chair for a more personal “conversation” with the Master. The tables around the author have a more selective prices, but that should not dissuade you from the opportunity.

    One of the best Coffee Houses in Lisbon, a “Must” while in Lisbon due to its architecture and beautiful decorated interiors, and yes, for its rich coffee!

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    Name: A Brasileira
    Address: Rua Garrett 120, 1200 Lisboa, Portugal
    Phone: +351 213 469 541

  • A normal coffee in Portugal is served Plain and in small cups

    Coffee in Lisbon, Facts, Types, Tips, Advices & How to order

    A normal coffee in Portugal is strong and served plain, in small cups

    A normal coffee in Portugal is strong and served plain, in small cups

    Portugal is known for its coffee, after try one you Will know what we mean. It usually comes in small cups but if you want yours with milk ask for a “Meia de leite” or “Garoto”, which translates to call “a child”.

    Old "A Brasileira" coffee publicity

    Old "A Brasileira" coffee publicity

    One one the first sites where coffee was served in Lisbon was “A Brasileira”, one of the places you must visit. In order to promote this exquisite new drink that came from Brazil, a former Portuguese colony, there was a sign in which was written “Beba Isto Com Açúcar” which could be translated to “drink this with sugar”. You could easily imagine that the bitter taste of the new drink was too distinct for the new Portuguese palates. Because of that, sign until today you can order a coffee by asking for a “BICA” (Beba Isto Com Açúcar).

    For instance in the Porto, the second most important Portuguese city, you can order a coffee by asking for a “Cimbalino”, which comes from a very popular coffee machine brand from that time, to today.

    How to ask for a coffee? What coffee types?
    Expresso, Café, Bica: A Strong coffee served in a small cup (fill at 3/4 of the cup)
    Cheia:  A Strong coffee served in a small cup (full cup)
    Carioca:  A weaker coffee than the Expresso, sometimes the Carioca is made from the coffee used in a Expresso (the coffee is used only for one time).
    Meia de Leite:  Special for Breakfast. Half milk and half coffe.
    Galão or Café com Leite:  Special for Breakfast, this is basically a Expresso with milk in a mug.
    Abatanado: A large coffee (double or triple size of a coffee cup)
    Descafeinado:  Decaffeinated coffee.

    Common brands of coffee in Lisbon and in Portugal include:

    • Delta
    • Nicola
    • Sical
    • Tofa

    Last tip, the coffee always comes with sugar on the side and rarely with a treat (like chocolate or candy). If you can’t have sugar ask for “adoçante”.

  • sangria_drink_lisbon

    6 Best things you should drink in Lisbon

    Eat and drink is always part of any holidays. While is Lisbon there are a set of Top drinks you will surelly should not miss.

    • Port Wine “Vinho do Porto”. “Port Wine” is a registered trademark that ensures that the wine came from a certificated producer and region (Porto), much like “Champagne”. Though produced in the north of Portugal it can be enjoyed elsewhere.  Enjoyed at any time of the day, as a aperitif, along your dessert, etc. The only rule? Enjoy it!
      (tip: try the several Port Wine types, Red, White, Tawny, Ruby, etc)
    • “Ginjinha”, strong sweet cherry liquor. In Rossio, Lisbon downtown, you can find two very typical Ginjinha places:
      • Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 7 (?), 1150-264 Lisboa
      • Largo São Domingos 8, 1150 Lisboa
    • Most visitors will remenvber their first Portuguese coffee has “short” and “strong” (after traveling to other countries i realize that this is indeed true).
      Your coffee will be served black and in small cups by default. If your choose to have yours with milk make a direct reference to it. Follow this link to know more about the many coffee types.Take a moment and drink a coffee in one of the most special Lisbon coffee houses “A Brasileira”. There you will find a statue of a very special client, the Poet “Fernando Pessoa”, one of the most important Portuguese writers.
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    • Portuguese beer “Sagres and/or “Super Bock” with “tremoços” as a appetizer.
      • The “Tremoço” is a seed at which is added salt and sometimes garlic just for flavor, they are usually served together with a beer.
      • Usually the beer is served in bottle or in glass, in that way its called a “fino” or “imperial”.
    • “Sangria”.  Sangria is a very refreshing drink usually made with red wine “7Up”, or similar, pieces of fruit,  fruit juice, sugar and cinnamon. Other alternatives might be with white wine or champagne.
      (In 2013 “Sangria” became a reserved word for this drink produced in either Portugal or Spain)