There are two major beer brands, Super Bock and Sagres.  In the last decade both companies created a wide range of beers, both in type of brewing and added aroma. You will find distinct flavors, lemon, cherry, peach and even Chocolate! Beers for different occasions, special for meat or fish. Make your visit to Lisbon/Portugal a Beer Experience!

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How to order a beer in Portugal?
In Portugal you have to explicity tell if you want a beer on glass or in bottle. If you want your Beer in glass (like a pint, for example), take into account that most probably you can’t choose the brand as the restaurants or bars only work with one brand. To order a Beer on glass simply say:

(Follow the links to obtain the right sound/pronunciation in Portuguese)

For a Beer in bottle, you may say:

, or say the brand of the beer you want: