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6 things you must drink in Lisbon 0

Eating and drinking are always part of any holidays. While is Lisbon there are a set of drinks you will should not miss.

Port Wine – “Vinho do Porto” is a registered trademark that ensures that the wine came from a certificated producer from Porto/Douro region, much like “Champagne”. Enjoyed at any time of the day, as an apéritif, along your dessert, etc. The only rule? Enjoy it!
(tip: try each of the several Port Wine types, Red, White, Tawny, Ruby)

Ginjinha – A sweet cherry liquor. In Rossio, Lisbon downtown, you can find two very typical ginjinha places:

  • “Ginjinha sem rival” – Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 7, 1150-264 Lisboa (map)
  • “A ginjinha” – Largo São Domingos 8, 1150 Lisboa (map)

(tip: you can ask to have your ginjinha served with or without the little fruit)

Coffee – Most visitors will remember their first Portuguese coffee as “short and strong”. Coffee houses usually serve the black and in small cups, if your choose to have yours with milk make a direct reference to it. If coffee is your drink of choice take a moment and relax in some of the most iconic coffee houses:”

  • “A Brasileira”, where you will find a statue of a very special client, the Poet “Fernando Pessoa”, one of the most important Portuguese writers. – Rua Garrett 120, 1200 Lisboa (map)
  • “Nicola” – map)

(tip: follow this link to know more about the many coffee types)

Amendoa amarga – A bitter almond liquor, a sweet liquor served with ice, and or, with a lemon peel is a quite refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Beer – Portugal has two main beer brands, Sagres and SuperBock, while you can find both in Lisbon, SuperBock is usually consumed in the north part of Portugal. During the last years these two brands have release to the market a hide array of types and flavors ranging from Stout, “old style”, lemon, cherry, etc. In the past beer was usually server along side with lupines, tremoços, as an appetizer, though less and less common we advice you to always ask for these.

(tip: beer is served in either bottle or in glass, locally called “fino” or “imperial”)

Sangria – Sangria is a very refreshing drink usually made with red wine “7Up”, or similar, pieces of fruit,  fruit juice, sugar and cinnamon. Other alternatives might be with white wine or champagne.

(in 2013 “Sangria” became a reserved word for this drink produced in either Portugal or Spain)