Inside a Ginginha store

Famous Portuguese liquor, Ginginha (or Ginjinha)

Ginja, Ginginha, or Ginjinha is a traditional Portuguese Liquor that you can drink in Lisbon. Made from alcohol and a fruit very similar to cherry, both likeness and taste.

This liquor is a sweet with a twist of cinnamon. Due to the amount of sugar your fingers will get very, very sticky (though i’m sure that wont be a problem :) ). Served in small glasses you have the option to taste it with or without the Ginja in your cup, and beware that it can sometimes comes with the seed.

Ginginha liquor, see the ginjas floating
Ginginha (or Ginjinha) liquor, see the ginjas floating

The places where Ginginha is served are usually very small and people gather outside. This makes them a great place to let some time go by and appreciate Lisbon own rhythm and the “Alfacinhas”, that’s what Lisbon people are called. For the whole, a visit to one of this places is more then just the taste of the liquor, it is a travel experience on its own.

There are no special time or occasion for a Ginjinha, you will find everyone just hanging outside, students from universities partying, older people discussing politics/soccer and other turist. There are many around Lisbon, go on and find your personal favorite.

Where to find a Ginginha ?

Visit a Ginginha Liquor Store in Lisbon, a travel experience on it's own
Visit a Ginginha Liquor Store in Lisbon, a travel experience on it’s own

Address: R. das Portas de Santo Antão 7, 1150 Lisboa
Contact: 00351 213 468 231
Street View – See where to taste the “Ginginha” (or Ginjinha)

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