Depending on your budget one of the cheapest places where you can eat is McDonalds, depending on your palate that may not be a option or not even a option for more than 2 days.

I leave you one very good place where you can eat, lunch and dinner, very cheap, it’s called “Floresta da Estefania”. The next example is a real case from the day 23/12/2010 :

Price and menu for 2 People:

  • 1 x Small bread (0.30€)
  • 2 x Small sticks of butter (0.90€)
  • 2 x Plates with French fries, rice, salad and :
    • 1 x “Alheira”, a Portuguese kind of smoke sausage make primary of bread and meat, pork or chicken (4.10€)
    • 1 x “Iscas”, pork liver (3.80€)
  • 1 x Bottle of red wine “St. Isidoro” (2.80€)

TOTAL : 11.60€

Ok, it’s not he fanciest place but it’s is surely cheap. If you want to have a good meal, with some real Portuguese treats, don’t forget, go to:

Name : Floresta da Estefania
Address Rua Cidade da Horta 37-39, 1000 Lisboa
Schedule: (Closes on Sundays)